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However if you want a more discretion nose piercing, you may prefer a stud. Then again, if you wish to first wear a stud, and want to change to a ring later on, make sure you first plan the right height and angle of your placement with your piercer. 29/03/2019 · To change a nose piercing, wait until the piercing has fully healed and remove the bead or fastener holding it in. Next, carefully slide the piercing out and use a Q-tip to clean both sides of your nose with a gentle antibacterial solution. Then, wipe the new piece of jewelry with alcohol to disinfect it and let the alcohol dry. Can anyone lmk their first time experience with a nose ring and it’s proper care for a healing process? TL/DR: Curious about a first time nose piercing, should i get a stud or a clear placeholder for healing? What were the steps taken for healing? Was a needle more painful than the gun? So I got my first nose piercing on Tuesday night, and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s just a small pink stud on my right nostril, so nothing too crazy. I’ve been cleaning it with the NeilMed that the shop provided for me to clean my piercing with, but it’s making my nose super dry, flaky, and cracking a little.

With more and more celebrities getting their noses pierced, the mere question that looms between whether or not you should get a nose piercing, is to choose which side. If you're compelled to get a nose piercing but are wondering where exactly to get it pierced, read the. What is the normal nose piercing healing time or how long it takes for a nose piercing to heal? We have answers not just to these two but also something on nostril piercing healing time, and whether or not nose piercing close up after healing. When you first get your piercing, with any piercing, the people that do the piercing they use their own equipment and normally you choose they kind of stud you want. So yes you do have to get a stud first. 29/01/2013 · I really don't want a stud I'd rather just get a ring straight away, but apparently if you get a ring straight away it has to be really big or your nose wont heal properly. My friend got a ring straight away and it's really big and ugly, is there any way I could just get a smaller one or would that not work? Would I have to get a.

Hey! Wow! Back in my day.Yeah, I'm old af, then again, I had Bobby Schrott pierce my nose with an earring in our dorm room when I was 17. What the fuck do I know? I had it done almost 30 years ago, before it was cool. Wait, it's still cool, righ. Get your nose piercing looking totally styled out with our mega range of nose studs & nose rings! We've got such a great selection of nose jewellery that you'll be changing your style daily. Bars, hoops or even clip ons if you've yet to go for the piercing, we've got your style covered. Claire's.

In our studio we suggest always starting with a stud. A stud is easier to heal and causes less movement. A hoop can be used initially and we do that here also but it does require more aftercare. A properly sized ring is ideal but unfortunately man.

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